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What is Nanotechnology – Types and Process

Nanomanufacturing refers to the use of small particles as functional materials. Nanotechnology is a new concept in building and materials science that can be applied in several sectors. Applications of nanotechnology can be made using carbon nanomaterials, which are already found within our own bodies. Today, applications of nanotechnology are felt in medicine, cosmetics, agriculture, […]

exascale Computing technology and processes

How Quantum Computing works

Computers are developed to complete tasks that supercomputers can not accomplish. For example, researchers want to use quantum computing to simulate the interactions of molecules, and this could lead to breakthroughs in drug manufacturing.   Applications that are driven by artificial intelligence and the processing of big data with quantum computers also impact industries positively. […]

is big data security still important

Is Big Data Security the Future or Not?

Big data security is one of the latest phenomena in data science. However, recently, some notable scientists published the security issues in big data in their research papers. Today, big data can not be said to be the main driver of security. Like other security mechanisms, big data security has some issues and challenges combating […]

difference between deep learning, machine learning and AI

Difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now the talk of the world in the tech industry. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest things that’s happening, and many tech products are now driven by AI. AI has some associated concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, IoT. Basically, AI boils down to two concepts that you’ve probably […]