How to improve e-commerce store

How to Optimize your ecommerce Website

Many of the mistakes that are made every day in the e-commerce business could have been avoided if it was well planned. But even if you’ve made some of these mistakes in your online store, they are often not all that difficult to fix. You should avoid the following mistakes when designing your online shop […]

Advantages of wifi-enabled refrigerators

How to Choose a Smart Refrigerator to buy

A smart refrigerator, sometimes called a wifi-enabled refrigerator, is a fridge that is capable of monitoring the items stored in the fridge and communicating the report via wifi to the user. This type of refrigerator can determine when a particular food item is getting expired, needs to be restocked by the user, or adjust the […]

How Piezoelectric energy harvesters work

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters and how they work

What is Piezoelectric energy harvesting? Piezoelectric energy harvesting is the conversion of waste energy into electrical energy to power machines. The technology or device used for this conversion is known as Piezoelectric energy harvester.   How Piezoelectric energy can be used, features and downsides   High Flexibility Piezoelectric energy harvesters can be utilized in many […]

How smart clothing can improve your health
Tech Internet

Smart Clothing Technology – Pros and Cons

What is Smart clothing Technology? Smart clothing is simply defined as the integration of IoT tech in the design and manufacturing of traditional (normal) fabrics. Smart clothes are traditional wears with smart devices like sensors woven into them. Another area of smart clothing relates to sensory processing. Clothing can have different textures depending on the […]

What is search experience optimization SXO

Search Experience Optimization (SXO): How it Works

What is SEO? If you’re into content marketing, the acronym SEO should not be new to you. SEO simply means search engine optimization, and it’s the arts and science of making your website and web pages rank on search engines. However, search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have evolved and they now focus […]