How to fix extended network sprint on Verizon and others

How to Get Rid of Extended Network on iPhone?

One of the common issues iPhone users face is the alarm of being in an extended network mode, and one thing beginners usually do is reset the network settings. However, before we look into the reasons your iPhone is on an extended network, and how to fix the extended network on sprint or Verizon, resetting […]

Anonfile file cloud storage and sharing service

AnonFiles Search Engine for Free File Upload and Download

There are many free and paid file-sharing and hosting services on the internet., and I’ve used quite a number of these file-hosting sites and apps as much as you might’ve used. However, do we have to stick to top tools like Google Drive and Dropbox or try new ones like Internxt, Zippyshare Filesend, SendSpace CertainSafe, […]

Tubidy mobile video search engine mp3 download

Tubidy Search Engine for MP3, MP4 Music Video Free Download

Music is life, and the number of search engine users looking for where to download their favorite MP3 songs is a testament to that. While some still worry about how to download songs for free on their mobile device or home computer, both audio and video songs are easily accessible to download on music sites. […]

Pros and cons of smart beds

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart Hospital Bed

Smart Bed Technology Smart bed technology is the future of healthcare as smart hospital beds usage is increasing in most developed economies. The following are the benefits of smart beds in hospital and to individual who can afford to use it at home. Advantages of Smart Beds Improved Level of Comfort When compared to normal […]

Importance of touch screens and drawbacks

Touch Screen Technology: Advantages & Disadvantages

Have you ever wondered how a simple swipe or tap completes a command on your smart mobile device? Today, touch screen technology is everywhere, and its use in machines, especially smart mobile devices have become part of our daily lives. The application use or examples of touch screen technology are smartphones, ATMs, cameras, laptops etc. […]