Importance of market research to entrepreneur

Why is Market Research Important to Business Growth?

What is Marketing Research? Marketing research is a collection of data about your target consumers, market competition, and demographics to present and market your product and service more effectively and to increase sales. Marketing research also known as market research is particularly important to entrepreneurs to market their businesses effectively, especially when you plan to […]

What is Business analytics

Business Analytics: Why it’s Important for your Company’s Growth

If you would like to grow your small or medium-scale business, taking an advanced course in business may be necessary, especially Masters in Business Analytics if you already have Bachelor’s degree in a business-related course. If you do not have any business, taking further education and masters in business analytics can also help you to […]

Thinking outside the box to increase sales

Thinking Out of the box to Increase sales

There are now more different ways you can promote your business online. Social media is a very good way of marketing in the 21st century. With social media, your business gets more reach. More reach on social media, especially with proper geo-targeting,  brings more potential customers. For your marketing campaign to convert well on social […]

How to make stylish Instagram profile

How to build a good Instagram profile?

The typical Dane spends an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes a day on social media. It’s a lot of time – and if you have control over what you do, then you can easily turn that time into a revenue stream. Who’s an Instagram Influencer? Those who make money on Instagram are called […]

How to

How to Win New Customers from Competitors

In sales marketing, there are words to use to attract customers online, and it’s important to not only win new customers but also retain them. Your ability to find new customers and retain them is pivotal to increasing your sales growth. While attracting new customers to buy your product or service is good, few marketers […]