How to solve MacBook Air and Pro Flexgate problem

Cost Of Repairing MacBook (Air & Pro) Flexgate Issues 

Apple products are usually a bit more expensive than their counterparts.

This extends to the cost of its components and parts, and fixing issues.

For Apple laptops, they are expensive, especially the screen, therefore, you should know this before going for a MacBook.


Apple Flexgate Issue

Flexgate or flex cable issue is a display backlight problem in MacBook, caused by damage to the flex cable that connects the display to the display controller board.

When this cable is fractured or not in order due to the flipping of the laptop, the backlight may be going on and off, and when there’s a cut in the cable, the display may not come on.


How to solve MacBook Air and Pro Flexgate problem

Cost Of Repairing MacBook Flexgate Issue

Before I talk about the cost of repairing glitchy MacBook screens, it’s important to know which models are affected by Flexgate.

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Flexgate is a common screen problem that affects MacBook Air models such as M1 and M2 and Pro models such as 16, 18, and 2019 series.

It also affects both the touch bar models A1706, A1707, and Mon touch bar A1708.

Now that you know, the cost of fixing a MacBook’s Flexgate problem depends on some things as follows.

  • The model of your MacBook
  • Whether your Apple is still under insurance or not.
  • The type of repair that needs to be done on your laptop.


The costs that might come up to fix Flexgate are broken down below:

Apple Service Program

Apple admitted that some MacBook models had an engineering problem with Flexgate and started a service program for affected MacBook Pros.

If your MacBook is qualified and within the repair period, you’d be eligible for a free screen replacement or repair.

However, this program has strict requirements for who can join, and it might only cover some devices that are impacted.


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Out-of-Warranty service

If Apple’s service program or warranty doesn’t cover your MacBook, it can cost you a lot to fix the Flexgate.

Depending on the type of MacBook, fixing the display flex cable usually means replacing the whole display assembly, which can cost between $400 to $700 or more depending on the engineer and your area.


Third-Party Repair Services 

While Apple can fix it for free if you’re eligible, sometimes, it’s cheaper to use a third-party repair service than Apple’s official repair service.

The price may still change, though, depending on the repair company and the type of work that needs to be done.

Other repair shops could change display cables or help with other issues for less money than Apple’s official repair service.


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DIY Repair Kits

Some people try to fix things themselves by getting replacement flex cables or repair kits online.

Do-it-yourself repair kits may be cheaper, but you need to know a lot about electronics to use them properly, and if you don’t, you could damage your MacBook even more.

Doing repairs yourself could also void any valid warranties.


Costs of Data Recovery

If your MacBook’s screen has broken because of Flexgate, you may also need to consider the costs of data recovery if you have important information on the device.

Prices for data recovery services can be anywhere from $100 to $1000 or more, depending on the size of your data, and the time it would take to recover it.