Waterless car wash vs water wash

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterless Car Wash

Your car works better when you service it regularly, also, your car runs better after a good wash. For many people, waterless car wash vs water wash is always debatable as regards the best way to wash your car. Pros and Cons of Waterless Car Wash For most things, there are always pros and cons. […]

Capacitive vs Resistive Touchscreen

Differences Between Capacitive And Resistive Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is not only used in smartphones or mobile devices, it’s also used in large machines. There are 2 main types of touchscreen used in most devices today: Capacitive and Resistive touch screen. Capacitive vs Resistive Touch Screen We are going to compare these 2 types of touchscreen technology in the following areas. […]

Benefits of smart refrigerators

Smart Refrigerators: Features and Advantages

Smart fridges are hi-tech refrigerators you can connect to WIFI, can self-regulate, and alert the user on the changes to your food items, defects, or other things. For example, a smart fridge can tell you when something is not done correctly in the fridge, the temperature is low or high, or when an item needs […]

What are sleep number beds

What is a Smart Bed? Features and FAQs of Sleep Number Beds

What is a Smart Bed? Smart beds are usually referred to as WIFI beds, Internet beds, or smart hospital beds. Smart beds are mattresses with in-built sensors and smart devices to provide better comfort for users, track, report, and improve health conditions. What makes a smart bed smart is not only the sensors but the […]

components of smart cars and working principle

Electric Cars – Working Principle of Electric Vehicles

The concept of an electric car is not new again, it’s already in the market. It’s quiet, emission-free,┬ámore comfortable, and saves energy. The batteries of electric cars are a bit expensive, thus, making fuelless cars not affordable for everyone. While electric vehicles are expensive than traditional cars, e-cars are way cheaper when you consider the […]