how to prepare your car for hot weather

How to Prepare your Car for Spring

There’s no time you don’t need to take good care of your car, regular maintenance of the vehicle enhances its lifespan and also promotes your safety while driving it.

Some of the special treats you need to give to your car in spring are the following.

Wash the car very well

Before going technical, what’s most important in spring is to wash the car thoroughly, many car technicians advised.

If your vehicle is only slightly dirty with dust, a bucket of water and a sponge should be okay. However, if your car has been used more in winter, or your car is used for a commercial purpose, it is worth pre-washing it with a high-pressure cleaner first, and you can also use car wash spray to wash your car without water.

You can use this to remove a difficult stain. You can then start with a thorough cleaning. It is always advised you take your car to a car wash if you don’t have time for this.

Enhance the car paint

Not only halite will reduce the shining effects on the car, but brushes from shrubs and leaves can also leave traces on the car.

Also, depending on where you park the car frequently, birds, martens, and other animals can leave their waste on the car.

Urine and droppings can damage the paintwork, so you must remove bird droppings from your car.

If you want to make your vehicle fit for spring with a car wash, you should take a close look at your vehicle after washing it.

Check the paintwork for damage and defects. In the worst case, even the smallest scratch can lead to rust. It, therefore, makes sense to take action quickly if you find damage to the paintwork.

  • You can easily correct minor defects with a touch-up pencil. This will seal the bump and prevent the damage from spreading further. Ideally, make sure that the pen is the same color as the paint on your car.
  • You can remove scratches by polishing your car. You can do this either with a polishing machine or by hand. We recommend manual polishing. If you are not familiar with a machine, you can wear off too much paint, therefore, you have to go to a car workshop to have your car repainted.

If you want to avoid damage to the paintwork, you should think about paint protection film for your car.

how to prepare your car for hot weather

Clean the Car interior

Your car is now shiny right, now it’s time to clean the interior of the car, the exterior is for people to see, but the interior is where your comfort lies.

Not only will dirt get trapped in different parts of the car interior, but they’re also are items you use during winter that you will not need again in spring, and you need time to remove them, for example, ice scraper and antifreeze.

After taking out items you may no longer need, use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the car from top to bottom – first the dashboard, then the upholstery, and finally the footwell. Once you have vacuumed everything, you can put the floor mats back in the footwell.

You should not also forget to clean the windows so that you always have a clear view while driving. Normal window cleaner and a microfiber cloth are sufficient for cleaning. You can then wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear stick with a damp cloth.

Finish cleaning the interior with the upholstery.

Go for Car maintenance

You must go for a car maintenance check, especially at the start of every season, this is to ensure the car is a good fit for the season.

Sometimes, your car will have a defective and it may not be noticeable unless it’s properly checked by a car technician in a car shop.

This check helps to identify wear at an early stage, for example on the water pump and filters, on the V-belt, or the toothed belt.

If you are not very familiar with cars, it is definitely worth going to the specialist workshop for the spring check on the car.

An air conditioning check is also carried out in the workshop. The associated cabin filter is heavily stressed by moisture in winter, and by pollen in summer.

A change is recommended every 15,000 km at the latest.

  • Check car liquid

You should also check the car brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid, cooling water, and engine oil.

If you find the level is low, you should top up the fluids. When the lights on the dashboard light up, it is often almost too late. You should always avoid oil damage or overheating of the engine.

  • Check wipers

The windshield wipers are particularly stressed by snow and ice in winter. The cold can make them porous and no longer wipe properly.

You will recognize this when you have a film of lubricant on your windshield when you use it.

This can affect visibility – especially in heavy rain. In this case, you are dependent on working windshield wipers.

If you notice that these no longer work properly, you should replace the wiper blades as part of your car care for the spring.

Check your car engine compartment

When you open the bonnet to check the fluid level, you can also take a closer look directly into the engine compartment.

Often, there are also deposits here, mostly from leaves that penetrated the engine compartment in autumn, just remove it.

Change your tire

From O to O is the rule of thumb for changing our car tires. It simply means that you drive with winter tires from October to Easter and then switch to summer tires.

This is just a rule of thumb, sometimes, things change and a bit since Easter does not come up at the same time every year like Christmas for example, you should orient yourself to the temperatures.

As soon as these are permanently above seven degrees, you can change your tires. If you do this too early, frost could occur again. Then you would have to put on the winter tires again.

Check the car security system

To complete the car care in the spring, you should take care of your safety. This means that you can check the first-aid kit in the trunk, for example, to see whether it is still durable. If not, replace it.

Also, check that there are enough safety vests and that the warning triangle is in place. In an emergency, you must know what your items are kept and how to use them.