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CPG Manufacturers: An essential Link in the Grocery Retail Supply Chain

“In the CPG retail sector, the term “manufacturer” can refer to both large food processing plants and small producers of fresh local organic produce.” But whatever their size, CPG manufacturers supply mass retail brands with products that fill the household pantry. This position between farm and table requires flexibility but is crucial in the delivery […]

Online events pros and cons
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Online Events: Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Meeting

A virtual event is an event that’s organized online, using a virtual platform to connect people together via the internet rather than the physical event within a four wall. There are quite a number of benefits of virtual networking for attendees and the business owner or host. Benefits of Virtual Conferences The following are some […]

Key components of successful landing pages

What Makes a High Converting Landing Page – Key Components

If you’ve tried to purchase a product or subscribe to a service online before, you’re likely to have come across a landing page, but you might not know. What exactly is a landing page and how should it be designed? What are the landing page strategies and when is it worth creating a landing page? […]

How smart e-textiles help workers in workplace
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Smart clothes for Work and Functions

Things are changing fast in the textile industry, and e-textile, it’s often associated with fashion trends. Wearable technology is not just for fashion, it’s proving helpful in sport, health, and even in the workplace. There are now smart clothes for work, for both ladies and men. These are not just casual smart clothes for work […]

New smart clothe innovations and their functions
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Smart Clothes and their different Functions

The material with which smart clothes are made of can be waterproof, allows perspiration, and anti-abrasive. In addition, this technology is booming, so now we have to see and there will be many functions that can be incorporated and combined according to the needs of each person who uses it. Fabrics capable of self-washing The […]