how to control emotions in trading

Why consulting a mortgage broker can be beneficial for your finances

For many people – probably the majority of us – buying a house is not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world. This is because when it comes to the real estate market, we are talking about a very peculiar financial sector, that goes on following its own rules. This implies a significant amount […]

Tips to protect your windows computer in 2021

Best Ways to Secure Windows PC in 2021

Since the introduction of windows way back in the tech dark ages of 1985, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has gone on to become the world’s most popular platform. Do you now need to secure Windows PC? With more than a 76 percent market share, according to Statista, it’s safe to say that Windows PCs are […]

How to turn your failure into success
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How to put Failure into proper perspective (part 1)

Both success and failure are inevitable in life. Just like in games, you win some and lose others. It is therefore important to put failure into a proper perspective. Napoleon hill said in his popular book “Think and Grow Rich” that failure is just a temporary defeat and a stepping stone to a greater achievement. […]

How to arrange a small bedroom
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How to make the most of your small bedroom

Have you moved to a new apartment with a very small bedroom layout? The small room is designed for 2 people, and you’re more than 2 to use the room? I would be talking about small bedroom decorating ideas, how to maximize your bed in a small bedroom, and tips to arrange a small bedroom […]

What is Google no click search result, and example

What is No-Click or Zero Click Search? Examples

Zero-click or No-click search query result display isn’t a new feature in the google search engine, but content marketers are still curious about how to optimize for these queries. What is Zero Click Search? Zero click search or no click search refers to the search query in which the search result is shown directly to […]