Pros and cons of smart beds

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart Hospital Bed

Smart Bed Technology

Smart bed technology is the future of healthcare as smart hospital beds usage is increasing in most developed economies.

The following are the benefits of smart beds in hospital and to individual who can afford to use it at home.

Advantages of Smart Beds

Pros and cons of smart beds

Improved Level of Comfort

When compared to normal beds, smart beds offer significantly higher levels of comfort.

Smart beds allow you to customize your resting position, which results in increased comfort.

Users can adjust the angle of the bed to an angle that is more comfortable than laying flat. The most common angle is between 30 and 45 degrees.

You can even adjust the firmness of the bed to suit you and help with body pain.

For example, the Sleep Number i8 smart bed has firmness level that’s suitable for patients with back pain.

Improved Sleep Habit

Since smart beds can measure your sleep time, track and report the time you have restful sleep and restless sleep, and the whole sleep dynamics, it can help you improve your sleep habit.

The data don’t he app can help with the factors responsible for deep sleep, poor sleep and others.

Improved Sleep Quality

Another manner in which smart beds enhance the quality of sleep is by helping individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal or joint discomfort to sleep undisturbed.

Since you are forced to sleep in a horizontal posture on a normal bed, you may find it difficult to get a good night’s rest most of the time.

This may be because you move around a lot during the night to relieve pressure from painful areas of the body.

If you have an adjustable (smart) bed, you can automatically lift either the upper or lower part of the mattress to shift the pressure away from painful areas.

This results in a higher level of restful sleep for you.

It can Improve the Quality of Life

Smart beds are not only used to correct health conditions or improve sleep quality, it can improve your overall health status.

For example, it can help with the optimum temperature to have quality sleep.

It can also improve the alignment of your backbone since you can adjust it with a click of a button.

Since it’s flexible in use, it can improve your feelings, makes you feel good about life, and take away worries from you.

You can also connect your smart beds with other smart devices in your home. For example, you can adjust your smart window blind with your bed to control the temperature in your bedroom.

You can even communicate with your smart table with smart bed and make coffee without leaving your bed.

Smart Beds are Healthier Than Traditional Beds

According to reports from certain persons, the usage of smart beds seems to be very beneficial when it comes to helping you recover from injuries like swelling. This is due to the elevation of the bed.

Additionally, it was also stated that sleeping in smart beds is ideal for those who are recovering after surgeries and even the level of blood circulation would be improved.

Smart beds can track your health rate, pulse and others, and thus aid in correcting health conditions, improve blood circulation and others.

Some smart beds can also correct snoring and other sleep illnesses.

Disadvantages Of Smart Beds

They Are Very Expensive

The price of smart beds is typically more expensive than the price of a normal bed because of the extensive variety of benefits that smart beds offer their customers and the fact that the technology behind them is significantly more advanced than that of normal beds.

Smart beds cost between $3,000 and $4,000, and that’s huge for average person to afford.

People who are wealthy enough might consider purchasing smart beds, particularly those who have the greatest need for one.

You Have To Bear And Consider Technical Failures At Some Instances

You have to realize the fact that we are now living in contemporary society, and that your movable bed is another piece of electrical equipment that you have in your home, much like your refrigerator or microwave.

When not handled properly, it has the potential to develop a technical fault. This is what you have to consider to maintain it with due care.

The Maintainance Cost Is Very High

If you already own a regular bed frame and a standard mattress, then that is pretty much going to be the only expense you will ever have to worry about.

You might occasionally pay someone to clean the mattress for you, but other than that, that’s pretty much it.

You should note that the likes of motors, frames that include joints, and other essential components in a smart bed are all susceptible to wear and tear over time and may eventually need to be replaced.

In certain situations, the cost of these repairs can be comparable to that of purchasing an entirely new mattress.

When shopping for a smart bed, you should do so with the understanding that you will need to budget at least an additional 30 percent of your budget for maintenance throughout the mattress’s lifetime.