How to download music from Tubidy on Android, iphone and ipad

How to Download Tubidy MP3, MP4 Music & Video on PC/Android/iPhone

Tubidy Mobile Search Engine

Tubidy engine is a mobile music search engine that allows you to search MP3 songs and other formats and download them, including videos via the internet.

Tubidy is thus a music and video search engine site you can access from your mobile device and laptop.

In this article, you would learn how you can download MP3, MP4 songs, and music videos on Tubidy from your PC, android, and iOS device.

How to Download Music Files from Tubidy?

Downloading Tubidy mobile search engine MP3 songs is easy, all you need to do is to visit the site via your browser, use the search bar to find the music you want, and click on the song from the search result to open its page.

On the song page, you should see a download button or a link to the file, and select whether you want an MP3 or MP4 song or 3GP or MP4 Video.

A confirmation will appear after the above process, then click the download button to begin the download process.

After this, choose the location you want the audio or video file to be saved to on your device, and your file would be downloaded and saved accordingly.

Kindly note that this process may vary depending on the specific version of Tubidy you are using and the device you are using it on.

How to download music from Tubidy on Android, iphone and ipad

How to Download Music from Tubidy on Android?

Tubidy is a free and easy-to-download songs site, it’s multi-platform and multi-device compatible.

You can still enjoy Tubidy.  Mobi search engine on their various android apps and listen to music on your wireless earbuds non-stop.

The first thing is to download the Tubidy app, create a free account or sign in to an existing account.

With this Tubidy android app, you can create playlists, and stream your favorite songs anytime from any device or platform.

To accesseasy-to-downloaddeo files and download in the popular available formats: MP3 and MP4, you can search the song by name, album, or artist and download or go to your music library, select the file, and download to your android phone.

Besides the great mobile streaming experience you enjoy on your Android device, and creating your playlists on your phone’s local storage, other things you can do with the app are the following.

You can access all the music files you’ve added to your Tubidy account

You can view the songs listed by genre, and production date, and you can also view trending and most viewed songs.

You can preview any file and view more information such as album name, artist name, song title, and song duration about any song before playing it or while listening to it.

Also, you can comment view comments on any song or rate it.

Tubidy Mobile Search Engine MP3 Download on iPhone

Tubidy MP3 and MP4 download search engines can also work on iOS such as iPhone, iPad, or others.

You can just use the Safari browser on your iPhone, type the Tubidy URL in the search bar, visit the site, and stream or download audio and video files like you do on android devices.

Also, to allow Tubidy mobile search site app to work on your iOS device, you can install iTunes, then you can download the Tubidy app from iTunes.

Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes on your iPhone.

How to Stream and Download Songs on Tubidy from PC

To use Tubidy on your PC, use any browser to access the Tubidy site, stream and download any song and music video you want.

Also, you can connect your android, iPhone, or iPad to your PC with a USB cable to play songs in your account playlist on your PC

Launch the mobile app on your mobile device, then tap the phone icon on the upper left side of your PC screen to see your phone under Devices.


Tubidy is a song and video search engine to get MP3 and MP4 music downloaded for free.

While you can access the Tubidy site from any device and platform, you can also download its various apps and downloader to stream music, and download and convert audio and video files from one format to another.