Importance of touch screens and drawbacks

Touch Screen Technology: Advantages & Disadvantages

Have you ever wondered how a simple swipe or tap completes a command on your smart mobile device?

Today, touchscreen technology is everywhere, and its use in machines, especially smart mobile devices has become part of our daily lives.

The application use or examples of touch screen technology are smartphones, ATMs, cameras, laptops, etc.

Importance of Touch Screen Technology

Last week, something interesting happened. My Lil boy, Sam, learned the swiping mechanism and cannot stop trying it out at every chance.

Whenever he gets a hold of my phone, he randomly swipes his way through the applications. When I look at his face, I see pure fascination.

And then, all of a sudden, it hit me. Like my son, I did not know much about the swiping action’s functioning. I decided to look up the advantages and the drawbacks of touch screen tech.

Importance of touch screens and drawbacks

Advantages of Touch Screen Technology

  • All touchscreen devices have minimal or no buttons.
  • Touch screen devices are portable since input devices like mouse and keyboards are inbuilt in the devices. You can also manage space with touch screen devices since many components can be incorporated into it.
  • Since most touch screen devices are portable, it’s easy to move them from one point to another.
  • It is easy to clean touchscreen devices. These devices have fewer crevices where dirt can hide.
  • Touchscreen devices are user-friendly. The touch screen technology help with simpler and better interaction.
  • It is easy to understand the language and locate the probes. These devices even use images for easy navigation.
  • Touch screens can be designed to be operated in more than one language since its use and marketing cross borders.
  • The devices normally employ simple user interface applications.
  • Simple UI, the use of graphics as buttons, and other features make it easy for seniors to use, therefore, touch screen technologies can be used by a wide age range.
  • It is easy to play interesting games like Minecraft on touchscreen devices. You can quickly execute the commands with simple taps.
  • Speed is one of the advantages of touch screens since users can easily send commands on the visual display. You can easily scale your business easily if you provide touch screen devices for customers to pay bills, make inquiries or to just server themselves.
  • Touch screen devices are usually smart devices, and you can easily update them since modern technologies are used.
  • Touch screen devices are more accessible for people that are physically or mentally challenged. Since there are no buttons, even people with physical disabilities can still use it. Most touch screens can also be adjusted to suit different preferences, especially for vision and others, for example, in Smart refrigerator.
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Disadvantages of Touch Screen Technology

While touch screen technology has enhanced the quality of life and business, there are some drawbacks to this tech and the touchscreen devices

  • Compared to other devices, touchscreen devices have low battery life. You need to recharge your device often to continue to use it.
  • Touch screen devices usually consume a lot of energy and it can gap up your electricity bills
  • Most touch screen devices have inbuilt battery and other components, and repair may be costly.
  • It is almost impossible to use a touchscreen device when you are out in the sun. Exposure to direct sunlight minimizes screen visibility. But like i said and as you’re familiar with touch screen devices, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and others.
  • You need to be too close to touch screen display before you can use touchscreen devices and it can be disturbing sometimes.
  • These devices require extra care. The screen can break or scratch easily since it’s made of glass and the functionalities of the device can be limited if the screen is cracked or broken.
  • You may not feel click when you touch screen unless maybe you set a dial pad tone.
  • Touch screen devices are more expensive than push-button devices.
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