What to consider while choosing email marketing software

Choosing the Right email Marketing Tool for your Business

Online marketing applies to almost all businesses, and one of the old methods of internet marketing that’s still working today is email marketing.

While social media marketing is getting more popular today, you can still include email marketing in your marketing arsenal.

Here are some things you can do with email marketing but may not be able to do with other forms of marketing.

  1. You can send reminders to your potential and existing customers regularly about your offer, discount, bonuses, event, etc
  2. You can personalize the newsletter you send to your customers, that is, you can address each customer by his name, and this building relationship.
  3. You can use your newsletter to analyze the demographics of your customers and customize your email according to different groups.
  4. With the help of an e-mail marketing tool, you can easily create your mailings yourself. There are no additional costs for email marketing agencies.
  5. The email addresses from your mailing list are a valuable lead factor. With creative marketing and juicy offers, you can always attract new customers to your business.
  6. Many email marketing service providers charge highly for their email marketing tools.

However, you can use the Mailrelay email marketing tool for free and its advanced features at a low cost.

You can send up to 80K newsletters, and upload up to 20K emails every month.

What to consider while choosing email marketing software

Which Email Marketing Software is Right for your Business?

There are some factors you should consider before using a newsletter tool or free email advertising tool to manage your marketing campaign.

Some of the factors are the size of your business, your budget, and the features provided by the marketing tool.

Having said that, you should ask yourself the following questions before you subscribe to any newsletter tool

  • What portfolio of customers do you already have that you would like to reach out to?

Consider your business model here, is it B2B, B2C, or others? You can find b2b newsletter examples to guide you.

  • What volume of new registrations do you expect monthly?
  • What are your exact requirements for the software? You may want to integrate images and videos into the newsletter. Then the tool should also be able to do this.
  • Can you do A/B testing with the software? With such tests, you can understand which subject line, for example, achieves a higher click-through rate from your subscribers.
  • Can the software also send automatic replies to your customers?
  • Can the tool be connected to social media channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram?

How to Create a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign to Generate Leads in just a few steps

Once you have prepared your draft for the next newsletter, you would need to work out the following things to increase your chance of lead generation.

  • Prepare your content in the language of the target group you’re sending the newsletter to, or you can send in your language and translate it for them.

Also make sure you proofread your draft, correct grammar mistakes, and don’t use ambiguous words, but rather easy-to-understand words.

  • As I’ve said earlier, you should personalize your pitch by addressing your recipients by their names.

Also, send your compliments and relate to them as you care before telling them about your offer.

  • Look for a suitable image and video content to break a long newsletter, explain better what you’re talking about and make the newsletter easy to read.
  • Include a call to action in the title of your newsletter, the body of the content where you hit the perks of your offer, and at the end of the newsletter to reinforce action.

For example, this is the link to the order form for XXXX, and tell them how long the offer is still available at the best price you offer. This reinforces the effect better, and increases their urge to order.

  • Create additional premium content that provides real value to your subscribers.

For example, you can list the reviews and testimonials for previous buyers/subscribers in the newsletter.

  • Consider when is the right time to send it. B2B newsletters are usually read during working hours. A/B testing allows you to test sending at different times.
  • Take into account that many customers read the newsletter on their smartphones. Therefore, you should optimize your content for mobile. The content must be easy to read on small screens.

To find out which layouts and formulations retailers particularly prefer, create different versions of the newsletter.

You can use defined KPIs, such as the opening rate, to measure the results and con optimize the newsletter.

When the email marketing campaign is over, you should check whether the goal has been achieved.

At the same time, try to find out what the decisive success factors were. Use the evaluations from your A/B tests for this.