How to remove agents in Minecraft game
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How to get Rid of Agents in the Minecraft Game?

What is Minecraft?

A Lego-inspired role-playing video game helps you design and build your Universe known as Minecraft.

Initially, the game focuses on your Avatar making blocks to defend itself against critters. But eventually, it is expanded to incorporate several other topics.

It is available on different platforms and devices such as PlayStations, smartphones, iPad, etc.

How to Remove your Agents in Minecraft?

To play well, knowing how to remove agents in Minecraft game is important.

To know this, some steps needed to be followed, which will help in smooth gameplay.

How to remove agents in Minecraft game

How do you kill your agent in Minecraft?

  •       The agent in Minecraft game is uninstalled by using the operations console.
  •       There is an option for administration in the operations console click on that option.
  •       Then click agent manage in the administration workspace.
  •       After that right, click the computers in the agent-managed pane.
  •       Click on the computers for which you want to uninstall the agent.
  •       Finally, select the option of uninstall, and you are there to remove the agent from your Minecraft game.

FAQs about Minecraft Game and Agents

Why do I have agents in Minecraft?

In the education and Bedrock worlds, the agent is a monster that helps the players learns to code.

The agent is trained to do a range of jobs such as mining, tree topping, planting, building, etc.

The agent is your assistant that helps teleport the player between dimensions, and this is created with its spawn egg.

You can command your agent with the agent blocks. The agent helps you (the player) to learn coding by getting the players to court the actions.

How do you get an Agent in Minecraft?

You can teleport the agent to yourself with the blocks. You can get the spawn egg with the “/give @s spawn_egg 1 56.” command.

How do you control your agents in Minecraft?

Once you’re on Minecraft, enter the tp, lt, fd, or rt command in the chart to control your agent.

How to make an agent build house in the Minecraft game?

Empower your agents with blocks, add pen down with PD command and tell your agent to move as the block moves.

How to get spawn eggs?

You can get spawn eggs in creative mode by pressing the pick block on any existing mob to get their eggs or in Creative inventory.

What is NPC in Minecraft game?

Non-player characters (NPCs) are characters outside your control in Minecraft, and they’re able to make commands when you interact with them.



The main purpose of Minecraft games is to build and survive. It offers the option you can play it by yourself or play with others online.

It can be played on smartphones or tablets, which allows multiplayer options using Wi-Fi networks.

It is considered an educational game that can teach kids many skills. The skills can include programming skills, problem-solving, project management, and many more.