Signs you're being taken advantage of
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Quotes about Being too Nice and Taken Advantage of

A too-nice personality is usually a mental disorder, but personality disorders are often grouped differently from classic mental illnesses.

Some people are overly nice, and being too nice is a turn-off for some people while some other people take advantage of a nice person.

If you’re sick and tired of being used and taken advantage of, then, these quotes about being taken advantage of by friends, family, and other people would help you.

Signs you're being taken advantage of

Quotes About Someone Taken Advantage of your Kindness

“Help a person one time, and he appreciates it, repeat the favor, he appreciates it more or less, repeat it, he assumes it’s your responsibility, and when you’re not able to help, he finds offense in the failure to help.”

“People can only take advantage of you when you assume a role to offer help in every situation”


“Not every person sees goodness in you when you’re too nice, some see weakness and tend to take advantage of you.”

“People rarely take notice of the help you offer them until you stop the act”

“It’s impossible to be overly nice without being used and taken advantage of.”

“If you’ve to be overly nice, do that to strangers and not friends so you don’t keep getting hurt”

“If you’re too nice, you may find it difficult to know when you’re being used for your kindness.”

“The difference between being nice and taken advantage of is your availability and stupidity, you can be nice without being taken for a joke.”

“You should stop doing things for people or change the patterns you offer help when they feel you’re obligated to do it and expect it.”

“Don’t trust people who let you down 2 times, the first was a warning, the second was a lesson, and the third would simply mean taking advantage of you.”

“You can still be a good person when you say NO”

“When people know how nice you’re, they will exploit you.”

“Being too nice is considered stupidity in this millennium, fake people are now everywhere in this wicked world.”

“You put people first and you second when you’re too good to people.”

“Being nice is good, too nice is a bad thing, remember that too much of everything is bad.”

“Different studies have shown that overly nice people are hurt the most.”

“Too nice personality can not make a good parenting skill, you can’t set standards and maintain discipline.”

“Always show people your mean side once in a while, it earns you respect and prevents being taken advantage of.”

“Being overly good may not attract enemies but will not attract loyal friends either, it will only earn you disrespect over time.”

“Treat people the way they treat you, let people earn the nice side and the mean side of you with their behavior towards you, and don’t be stupid for being nice to everyone.”

“You need to understand when and where your being nice would be appreciated to avoid being taken advantage of.”

“Nice people don’t know how to say NO to people, and that’s the reason they get hurt and get used.”

“Kids like to play with toys, but adults like to play with nice guys’ feelings.”

“Being nice is good, being used is fair since we use one another every day, but being misused is bad.”

“Not only too nice people are used, everyone is used, but what you should be used for is important.”



Being too good can have consequences, and when people get hurt repeatedly for their kindness, they get to be mean.

The danger of being too nice is that you get abused and misused, and will get hated over time since the demands and expectations of people that misuse you will continue to increase til you can not meet up.

Desist from being a doormat and pleasing everyone, perhaps being too kind is a red flag to some people.

Be normal, when people say you’re too kind, 8 out of 10 people feel you’re stupid or you’re a free commodity.