How to Sell an Antique Pump Organ
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How to Get Rid of your Antique Pump Organ

What is Pump Organ?

A pump organ is an antique musical instrument and piano that is used in religious houses like churches in the 19s and has become outdated in this age.

A pump organ, also called a reed organ or harmonium, is a keyboard instrument that produces sound by air being blown through metal reeds, similar to the way an accordion works.

An antique pump organ is powered by foot-operated bellow, which force air through the reeds when the keys are played.

How to Get Rid of Antique Pump Organ?

Pump organs have now been replaced by electronic keyboards and digital organs, but in the 20s, pump organs are still wanted.

There are antique pump organ buyers, and owners can get rid of them.

Today, most of the units are not useful, and there are a few musicians and enthusiasts that still use or collect pump organs.

How can you now get rid of your old pump organ?

How to Sell an Antique Pump Organ

You can sell your pump organs to Businesses?

If you are looking to get rid of a pump organ, selling to Asian countries is still easier than selling in America.

If your antique pump organ is in good condition, some businesses buy antique products, including pump organs.

You can donate your pump organ?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your pump organ, you can consider donating it to a church or music school.

While this is not easy as said, you may find individuals or organizations like schools, museums, art gallery house, etc that would like to have this old musical instrument for use, study, or entertainment.

They may be able to use it for their purposes or pass it on to someone who can use it.

You can sell Pump organs online

If you want someone that can buy used organs near you, you can try listing your pump organ on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or other popular marketplaces or local stores.

You can do Giveaway with your organ

If you are not able to sell or donate it, you can give away your pump organ for free.

For example, you can post an ad on forums or social media and give it to anyone who wants it.

You can sell pump organs to Music stores?

Pump organ is also still relevant in Indian music today, and you can find someone who buys used organs and sell your vintage musical instrument.

You can reach out to local antique or music stores and sell your antique pump organ to them if they’re interested in buying it.

You can offer it for Recycling

If your pump organ is worthless and cannot be redeemed, you can consider recycling it.

Offer it to your local recycling businesses to see if they accept musical instruments.



While vintage pump organs may be difficult to get rid of, you can still dispose your antique organ if you’re patient enough.

Selling an antique pump organ is the most difficult method of getting rid of an ump organs, but offering it for free is still very possible.

However, no matter how you choose to get rid of your old organ, make sure to properly prepare it for transport, and prevent damage as much as possible.