How to arrange a small bedroom
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How to make the most of your small bedroom

Have you moved to a new apartment with a very small bedroom layout? The small room is designed for 2 people, and you’re more than 2 to use the room?

I would be talking about small bedroom decorating ideas, how to maximize your bed in a small bedroom, and tips to arrange a small bedroom with big furniture.

How do you Maximize a Small Room?

Minimum space for maximum relaxation

If you arrange the items in your small bedroom properly, you would be able to make optimal use of every square meter and create a cool and comfortable bedroom for absolute relaxation.

It is very important and a must-to-do to measure your bedroom before setting it up and also note the positions of the electrical sockets in the bedroom so you don’t make mistakes while arranging the furniture.

You’d also be able to measure how many square meters you have available and where it is best to place your electronic devices and arrange other items in their befitting areas.

How to arrange a small bedroom

The Right Bed for Small Bedroom

How do you arrange your small bedroom with a queen or king-size bed?

There’s no best way than to put the right peg in the right hole. Choose your bed according to your room.

You can choose a no-footboard or headboard divan bed to manage your small room.

You can also put your queen or king bed in a small room if the bedroom is not too small, and you can manage space properly.

A king-size bed is 6f by 6f and you should not put it in a room that’s less than 12f by 12f. The ideal room size should be 14ft by 14ft.

For queen size bed with a standard size of 7ft by 5ft, the ideal room size is 12by 10ft.

To maximize your room space, you also need to remove items that are not useful in the bedroom, use multipurpose items as much as you can, and make a wall wardrobe to keep items off the ground.

In this way, you can make the most of your small bedroom without making room stuffy.

Arrange Furniture in the small bedroom

You should also reduce the number of furniture in your bedroom. After all, this piece of furniture is the centerpiece of your room.

If you have little space, it is best to choose a frameless model on narrow feet with a maximum width of 160 cm. This makes the room appear larger and more colorful.

You should also go for multifunctional beds with built-in drawers in which you can store bed linen, winter blankets, or extra pillows.

If you don’t want a bed with a built-in drawer, a lift-up storage bed like an ottoman bed is unique and recommended.

You can also get smart bedroom furniture that’s compact, can be folded, and is multipurpose.

When setting up your small bedroom, you should consider items that are multifunctional generally. This is the way you can maximize your small room.

For example, buy a wardrobe with an integrated mirror, a piece of bed furniture with a drawer to store your jewelry, and make-up utensils boxes.

Bed drawers under the mattress, cupboards, wall shelves or floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are suitable for small bedrooms.

Purchase a bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors because of its compatibility, and they don’t take up space when opened, therefore making the room appear more spacious.


Cool wall color

Bedrooms in light pastel shades such as trendy mint green, soothing violet-blue, or chic grey-beige appear more open and at the same time appear more spacious.

Soft night lights

Several indirect light sources create depth in the room, which suggests more optical volume to the eye.

For this effect, combine wall lamps and bedside lamps with light panels on the wardrobe or a playful chain of lights.

Control the sunlight

A room flooded with sunlight immediately appears open, wider, and comfortable to stay in.

To let the light find its way into your bedroom, complement the heavy velvet curtains or blinds on your windows with translucent light curtains.

In this way, you can enjoy the sun during the day and are also protected from prying eyes.

At the same time, you can completely darken the room at night – for a sound, deep sleep.

Setting up a small bedroom to make it more comfortable

A light wooden floor made of oak or maple radiates warmth that conjures up a homely ambiance.

A cozy high-pile carpet placed on top of this floor further reinforces this effect and also prevents cold feet when getting up.

If your fluffy plaids, bedspreads, and decorative cushions are made of fine cotton, you should choose synthetic fibers such as microfibre or viscose, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Add Portraits of your loved memories or accessories such as candles or a pretty vase in your bedroom.

With this bedroom decoration, your bedroom becomes your realm.