Features of Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet
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Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet: its Features and Advantages

What is Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet?

Rootsense shoe cabinet is a smart shoe cabinet designed with high-tech to provide a contemporary storage solution for your shoes.

Rootsense smart shoe cabinet is not only designed to help keep your shoes organized and easily accessible, but it can also help to save costs on shoe sterilization and deodorization.

Rootsense shoe cabinet is equipped with sensors and a mobile app that work together to update you with real-time information about your shoe collection.

Features of Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet

Rootsense smart shoe cabinet features an innovative design that can store more than 12 pairs of shoes in a compact space.

The sensors inside the shoe cabinet detect when you remove or add back your shoes, and the data is transmitted to the Rootsense app you’ve installed on your mobile phone.

With the Rootsense mobile app on your device, you can track the location of your shoes.

Also, you can set and get a reminder to wear a particular pair of shoes to scheduled events by setting goals for wearing your shoes to get the most out of your collection.

The app also provides insights into your shoe preferences, and usage patterns, and allows you to make better decisions when next you’re buying a set of new shoes.

Features of Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet

Advantages of Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet

Rootsense smart shoe cabinet offers many advantages if you’re looking to simplify your shoe storage and keep your room tidy and organized.

Rootsense Shoe Cabinet has a Contemporary Design

In my adolescent age, I learned to keep my shoe boxes to keep my shoes organized, but does it make the room neat?

The Rootsense smart shoe cabinet has a sleek and modern design that can add a touch of beauty to your interior décor.

It’s easy to Use

Rootsense shoe cabinet can be controlled remotely through a mobile app. This enables you to easily store and retrieve your shoes with just a few taps on your android phone.

You can Personalize the Shoe Cabinet

With the Rootsense app on your mobile device, you can set how the cabinet is managed on the app

For example, you can create your profile, and set preferences for storing shoes, and when to receive alerts on shoe removal or addition.

It offers Organized Shoe Storage

Rootsense hi-tech shoe cabinet can automatically store and organize your shoes in their designated compartment.

It helps to keep your shoes, and also find them which can save you time and reduce clutter in your bedroom if you have a huge collection of shoes.

Large Capacity to Keep your Shoes

Rootsense AI shoe cabinet has a large storage capacity and can keep up to 15 pairs of shoes.

In addition, this cabinet takes up less space than traditional shoe racks or shelves, making them a good choice for small homes or apartments.

Your Shoes are Better Secured

Most Rootsense shoe cabinets are equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure that your shoes are secure and protected from third parties.

This additional security for your shoes is very important if you have a collection of expensive pairs of shoes in your cabinet.

Tracking Features

Rootsense shoe cabinets are equipped with sensors that can track the number of shoes you have stored in your cabinet and update you on the mobile app on your phone.

You can also receive notifications on the app when a certain capacity is reached, and manage your cabinet right on the app.



Rootsense smart shoe cabinet is a great solution to stop shoes from smelling in your wardrobe and prevent stinky feet.

Instead of keeping your shoes in a shoebox or cupboard where molds can grow, and you would then have to get a shoe sterilizer and deodorant, the Rootsense shoe cabinet can keep your shoe collection organized and easily accessible.

It is also a perfect addition to a smart home, as it can be integrated with other smart devices to provide a seamless user experience.