Devoe high performance coatings
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Devoe High Performance Coatings for Indoor & Exterior Use

About Devoe Coatings and Paints?

Devoe Coatings is the oldest US paint company, and one of the oldest in the world, established in 1754.

Today, Devoe Paint is one of the most trusted paint brands in the US, also, Sherwin Williams Eminence Paint, is the best paint company, and market leader in the US, and the world.

Devoe Paints is a popular brand of protective and longest-lasting coatings and paints, designed to provide long-lasting durability and protection for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Devoe high-performance coatings and paints are designed for interior and exterior use, marketed and distributed by Kelly-Moore Paints.

Devoe High-Performance Coatings and Paints

Devoe offers a range of high-performance coating and paint products that are designed to use on interior and exterior floors of private and commercial buildings and high-traffic spaces.

The following are some of the high-performance paints produced by Devoe.

Devoe high performance coatings

High-performance Epoxy coatings

Devoe epoxy floor coatings are designed to provide superior protection against chemicals, abrasion, and impact.

Popular ones are Devran high build 224v, solvent-based, and semi-glossy, Devoe Bar-Rust 235 high performance multi-purpose and surface tolerance paint, 253, 256-grade paints.

These paints are often used in industrial settings where machinery and equipment are subjected to harsh conditions.

Polyurethane coatings

These Devoe coatings are good options for exterior use, where UV resistance and color retention are important.

Devoe polyurethane coating is resistant to abrasion and impact, making them suitable for high-traffic buildings.

Cathacoat 302H Zinc primer

These Devoe coatings are designed to protect steel from corrosion and rust.

They are often used in marine and offshore applications where exposure to saltwater and harsh weather conditions can cause corrosion.

Tank linings

Devoe High-Performance Coatings offers tank linings that are specifically designed to protect tanks and vessels from corrosion and chemical attack.

They are suitable for use in a variety of industries, including chemical processing, water treatment, and oil and gas.

Floor coatings

Devoe High-Performance Coatings also offers floor coatings that are designed to provide a high level of durability and resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemicals.

They are often used in industrial settings where floors are subjected to heavy foot and vehicle traffic.



Devoe Paint produces some of the toughest, strongest, and most durable high-performance coatings and paints in the US paint market.

These coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection and durability for a variety of industrial and commercial use.