How to plan first trip with your baby
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How to Travel on a Vacation with your Baby

Do you enjoy travelling before you get married to your partner?

Do you travel together with your husband or wife and enjoy it as a young couple?

But now, you have a baby, and rather than thinking the best place(s) to have fun, it’s now about places to visit with a baby, what you can do on vacation with a baby, and how to find baby-friendly vacation centres near you.

Before going on the first trip with your baby, a few considerations must be made so that the holiday becomes a great and relaxing holiday for everyone.

Planning a Vacation with a baby and Considerations

Family vacations with babies require careful preparation and planning.

The best time to travel with your baby is when your little darling is between 4 and 8 months, and after 2 years. The older the baby, the better.

You would need to fully prepare your baby food, enough clothes, playground equipment, and safety products.

Also, his/her educational devices, toys and mats should not be missing in your luggage.

Think of the stroller or a baby carrier to be mobile at the holiday destination.

Some hotels or holiday complexes also offer baby strollers to rent, so you can make inquiry beforehand so you can have a fewer things to carry along.

It is advisable to wait until your baby is older than 3 months before taking a vacation because after this time a routine in everyday life has become established in most families.

How to plan first trip with your baby

Choice of Destination and Travel Time

The younger your baby is, the more you need to be careful in choosing the destination and the travel time.

A baby between 12 weeks and 8 months cannot cope with extreme temperatures so you should factor that into the choice of places to visit.

Considering fair temperature for kids, autumn and spring are therefore the best travel times, especially for more southern countries.

Choose a destination that meets the needs of the entire family and is not too far from where you live.

A holiday in a baby hotel is particularly suitable because here you will find a wide range of options for everyone traveling with you.

Consider the means of Transportation

You can take a road trip with your newborn that’s not less than 3 months, provided the baby is not having health challenges.

Many families prefer their car as a means of transport for their vacation because you can conveniently pack everything you need on vacation and take breaks on the journey according to your baby’s needs.

If possible, drive most of the route at night so that your baby sleeps in most of the travel time, especially when you want to travel in a long distance.

Make sure that your baby still drinks enough while driving and allow him to move freely during breaks, for example by letting him kick in the back seat.

Alternatively, you can also go on vacation by train or plane, although you cannot take as much luggage with you on these modes of transport.

Also, preterm babies and babies with cardiac problems may experience difficulties in breathing in plane.

Choosing where to Stay

Do you prefer hotel, resort or guest house of the vacation centre?

Which of the options you choose for your family vacation is up to you to decide according to your taste and family comfort.

Enjoy the all-around service with baby menus and baby-friendly equipment in a special baby hotel.

Let yourself and your baby be pampered and relax, for example, with massages in the wellness unit, while your baby is looked after by the hotel’s qualified babysitter.

Special family hotels offer excellent baby-friendly equipment such as a baby bed or rental buggies.

A holiday apartment offers you more freedom and peace because there you don’t have to adapt to the daily routine of a hotel.

Here, too, there are numerous providers that specialize in holidays with a baby and offer holiday apartments specially designed for the needs of a young family.

Plan your vacation according to your individual preferences and experience a wonderful and relaxing time with your baby.