How to fix extended network sprint on Verizon and others

How to Get Rid of Extended Network on iPhone?

One of the common issues iPhone users face is the alarm of being in an extended network mode, and one thing beginners usually do is reset the network settings.

However, before we look into the reasons your iPhone is on an extended network, and how to fix the extended network on sprint or Verizon, resetting your network settings should be the last option.

What is the Meaning of Extended Wi-Fi?

Usually, the word “extended” means that your phone is roaming. This situation is also known as sprint.

The reason your iPhone is showing ‘extended network’ is that you’re out of the range of your network provider, and connecting to an extended network of Wi-Fi means adding a network to known networks in the iPhone.

Your iPhone automatically finds towers of your network provider in a new location and connects to it, and if there’s no network from your network service provider, it finds towers from other networks and connects to them (roaming).

Therefore, an extended wireless network means you’re using a network of other service providers.

How to fix extended network sprint on Verizon and others

How to Fix Extended Network Sprint Verizon?

Extended network is the technique that cellular providers use. This technique enables continuous services in the area not covered under the range of the company’s towers.

If a consumer travels outside the established network range, then, in this case, the mobile will automatically connect to another network. This entire switching process is seamless and does not take any extra charges.

If you want to get rid of an extended network on your iPhone or iPad, you can simply turn off the Wi-Fi in your device to avoid the network problems caused by the other extended networks or charges.

How to Turn Off the Extended Network Feature?

If you are getting annoying notifications on your iPhone that the extended network is switched on.

However, there is no need to panic; it can be easily switched off by following these simple steps:

  •       Firstly go to the home screen, and on the home screen, navigate to the settings. After clicking on the settings, click on the cellular option.
  •       From the cellular option make sure to turn on the cellular data.
  •       Then tap on the cellular data options.
  •       Lastly, tap on the Voice and Data option and then turn off the ‘LTE VoLTE.

By disabling this option, your iPhone will restore its data connection and avoid network issues. But by disabling the extended network, a data connection will run slowly.

Why Does iPhone Keep Turning on Extended Network?

If you are confused about why your iPhone keeps going to the extended network, don’t worry, your phone will turn on the extended network when you are out of the established range.

If your network is Verizon for example, it means there’s no Verizon cell tower in your location.

While the sounds of extended network notifications may sound alarming, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Extending your network is a way to get uninterrupted data services from other cellular providers.



If your iPhone is stuck in an extended network, you can move to the location where your network service provider has an established network.

If your phone is on an extended network, you can continue to use the network service without any issue or you can go to your phone settings, and wifi options, check the network your phone is connected to and uncheck the connection box of the band.