qwertykeys QK65 keyboard

QwertyKeys QK65 Keyboard Features

What is QK65 Keyboard?

QK65 is one of the small-size computer keyboards known as 65%. This is a compact keyboard with fewer functionalities than standard keyboards but with smooth typing.

The QK65 keyboard is pretty lightweight, weighing less than 1.80 kg.

Its dimensions are 30 × 10 × 2 cm, which is just the right size to fit comfortably on your desk.

Without a doubt, QK65 is super powerful, especially the R2 edition which is super smooth, and Bluetooth wireless.

qwertykeys QK65 keyboard

QK65 Custom mechanical keyboard Specs

QK65 is an awesome keyboard designed by QwertyKeys, a sister company of owlabs.

So, let’s dive into what makes owlabs QK65 keyboard worth buying.



QK65 R1 and R2 editions are designed with quality materials,  beautiful, and easy to use.

QwertyKeys used high-quality materials, like a CNC-machined aluminum top case with a choice of anodized or electrophoretic finish.

This keyboard has a PVD-coated stamped steel plate and a die-cast aluminum bottom case, ensuring durability that can withstand the test of time.

One of the beautiful things that make the QK65 even more exciting is the large molded silicone dampener that fills the space between components.

This ensures a comfortable typing experience, making those long hours at the keyboard a breeze.



QwertyKeys has got your back with extra plates and PCBs for the QK65.

The PCB comes with an integrated daughterboard, which you can go with either solderable or hot-swappable, depending on your tech prowess.

You can choose between a solderable or hot-swappable ANSI PCB, depending on your preferences.

If you opt for hot-swappable, you’ll also get a stand-off screw set.

Make your choice and get ready for a satisfying typing experience.

If you would like to switch things up a bit? No worries! You can also go for a plate made of your choice of aluminum, FR-4, polycarbonate, or POM.

Each variation comes with unique flex cuts, and to top it off, every PCB includes two pieces of case foam, allowing you to tailor your typing experience just the way you like it.



This custom mechanical keyboard is reasonably priced between $US 250 and $US 300, and with all the features, it’s a steal as there are more expensive products with similar specs.



So, whether you’re a hardcore keyboard enthusiast or just someone looking for a top-notch typing experience, the QK65 from QwertyKeys is the real deal.

QK65 mechanical keyboard is all about providing incredible value without compromising on style and sound.

The only downside for me is the lack of RGB backlighting.