How to open safety deposit box without breaking it

How to Open a Vault Lock Box without Breaking it

Safe Deposit Box Meaning

A vault lock box, commonly referred to as a safe deposit box or safety deposit box is a security device one can keep one’s important documents, wallet, money, passport, medications, prescription, and other valuable items inside.

The main purpose of using a vault box is to keep valuables that are not needed frequently, therefore, a safe deposit is commonly used by banking institutions, schools, and hotels to keep documents and other valuable items.

The common types of vaults are a barrel vaults, groin or cross vaults, and a rib vaults. These safe deposit boxes guarantee up to 100% security because they are made of steel and aluminum, and codes are often required to lock and unlock them.

How to open safety deposit box without breaking it

How to Use Safe Deposit Vault?

Using a safe deposit vault or vault lock box is simple. First, check the different designs, materials used, and decide on the size you want.

After purchase, check the manual for instructions on how to use and manage your safe deposit lock box.

From there, check if the vault box is using keys or fingerprints. Then, you can enter a combination of keys, or provide biometric information to open it accordingly.

Once you open the vault box, place your items inside comfortably, and don’t press in your valuables.

Try to arrange the items neatly in such a way that the space is maximized, and the valuables are secure.

After that, close the safe deposit box and enter your key, combination or use your fingerprint to lock the box.

You can now keep your deposit lock box in a secure place, and keep your key or combination in a safe place.

How to Open Safe Deposit Vault box with Key?

The process of opening the vault box with the key is very straightforward.

You can simply open the box by using the right code in the lock. Remember this code because it’s very difficult to reset it and open the box once you forget it.

How to Open Safety Deposit Vault Without Key?

Hike all other locks and safes; its key is the only way to open the vault lockbox. But, if you have forgotten the key, it’s very hard to open it.

However, one can try the following things to open the lockbox without a key.

  • Try different keys

First, you should try different keys you remember. For example, suppose your code is 123; you can try combining the random numbers to open the box.

Sometimes a box gets opened coincidently by using random keys.

  • Use factory reset code

If you have a lock box with a factory reset code, the box can simply be opened, and the code can be changed.

If this method has not worked, and you are not able to open the vault box, look at the product documentation and find a way to reset the password.

How do Open the Vault lock box without breaking it?

In case you are unable to reset the password, try these methods to open the box without breaking it.

If your vault box has a padlock, it may be among those who only have illusion security. Generally, most padlock boxes can be shimmed open.

This is a process in which you must invest the two pieces of thin metal into the gap between the lock and body.

Drilling is the most effective way of opening the lockbox without breaking it.

In this method, you can drill the lock and safely open the box.