How to protect car paintwork from fading

How to Protect your Car paint from Fading

After a few months that you’ve purchased a new car, you would notice the car paintwork changes a bit.

Your car exterior is usually exposed to environmental elements like water, sun, dirt, etc., and today, you’ll learn car paint protection tips.

If you don’t wash your car regularly and properly, the paintwork will become dull and can increase the risk of corrosion.


How to Protect Car Paint from Fading

The best way to protect new car paintwork is to wash the car exterior regularly and properly, polish it, and treat it with a protective wax at regular intervals.

However, it is important to understand the causes of car paint damage or factors that trigger the damage to your paintwork.


Road salt during winter
Road salt helps to enhance safety in driving during the winter but can cause rust to your car paint.

The top coat of the paint is resistant to the effects of road salt, however, the salt can penetrate through small cracks or even micro-breaks in the lower paint layers and cause damage.


A Crack in the Paintwork

Bumps of small stones, collisions with another vehicle also lead to mechanical paintwork damage.

This is the reason you need to use quality car paint protection spray and to carry out a car inspection before selecting the type of paint protection that’s a good fit for your car.

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Best way to protect Car paintwork

There are a couple of things to do to protect your car paintwork from damage.

Firstly, there are different types of car paint protection methods you can use.

  • You can use Wax to protect your car paint from dirt and grime
  • You can also use Sealant to protect the paint and also improve the gloss of the paintwork
  • The ceramic coat can also be used against sun radiation, road salt, and others.
  • There are also quality paint protection film you can use on your car

Having mentioned these, the best way to protect your car paint starts from how best you maintain the car.

It is also important to know that the paint color you choose can appear fading, for example, red, than any other color.

While other colors like Gray, Silver, White, and Black are the best colors that do not appear to fade easily.

It does not mean that they don’t fade, but people can not notice it easily unlike blue or red color.

As a rule, these are the best way to protect new car paint from damage

How to protect car paintwork from fading

Frequent  and proper washing

You’ll notice I’ve not just mentioned regular washing of your car but also proper washing of the car.

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If you do not use the proper cleaning material and cleaning agent, you are very likely going to damage the car paintwork.

If you prefer waterless car wash, you should go for a quality car wash spray.

Regular and proper washing of the car makes it appear shining. When there is a low temperature, you can use a high-pressure washer to remove all the small stones from the car body and chassis.

Car paint protection spray can also be used to remove dirt and road salt, which effectively reduces the risk of permanent paint damage.

Find some of the best car paint protection films and use them on your car to keep the paintwork shining.

Car washing is much more important in winter than in summer because sand, mud mixed with road salt increase the risk of rusting on our car during this period.

Corrosion occurs faster when the temperature is above 0 degrees during the day and then drops below zero at night.


Wax your Car

You can add another protective layer to your car with wax.

The wax layer applied to the paint forms a protective layer, which at the same time ensures the gloss that is so valued by the user is maintained.

When particles are blown, they land on the wax layer first and do not affect the paintwork directly.

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To ensure that the wax is applied evenly and does not trap any debris, polish your car before applying the wax.

The car wax maintains a good color level by slowing down the oxidation process and creating a barrier against bird droppings and another soiling.


Polish your Car

By washing and polishing the paint, you can remove dirt that could lead to corrosion in the long term.

Polishing the car also protects the car paint from fading easily. You can also use car paint protection spray since this is cheaper than car paint protection film.

Even small scratches on the paint surface can often be removed with car paint polish.

How to Polish your car

While there are polishing devices you can use to apply the polish, you can save cost by using your hand – many people do this.

  • Wash your car with suitable cleaning agents.
  • Dry the car with a leather cloth or allow it to dry naturally. Make sure that there are no cleaners or other substances on the paintwork.
  • Apply your polish evenly to all the painted parts of the car. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

After you have polished the paintwork, you can now apply wax to reseal the paintwork of your car.