How to get massive acklinks to your site

Tips to getting Massive Backlinks to your Website

Once you’ve developed your website, the next thing is to start promoting it online.

Having said that, content marketing is now very competitive as we have millions of active websites more than ever before.

To become relevant in your niche, you need to produce thousands of quality articles and backlinks.

A backlink is still one of the most prioritized criteria for ranking web pages on search engines, therefore, you need to build massive quality backlinks to your site.

How to get quality Massive BacklinksHow to get massive acklinks to your site

Granting interviews

If you are already a little more familiar with your niche, then you may also receive interview requests.

That is also very interesting. After all, you can certainly include 1-2 links to your website in your answers.

But to be relevant in your niche, you’ll need to produce a lot of articles, and be relevant on social media.

Creating a plugin or theme

Anyone who can program has a good opportunity to get backlinks.

Offering a free plugin or theme for download and asking for backlinks for it always brings new links, businesspally business analyst advised.

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However, one should be aware that maintenance requires a lot of effort.

Press release

Press releases are a great way to get easy backlinks. These are not particularly high-quality backlinks, but they are also part of a normal backlink profile.

To make a press release effective, it’ll have to be published or rebroadcast by popular journalists in your niche, especially when they are also popular offline.

Conducting interviews

Conducting interviews with other people is not only a good way to provide interesting content, but it often also brings backlinks.

The interviewee usually likes to link the interview article and also shares it on the social web.


Sweepstakes are interesting for building backlinks for two reasons.
In my experience, the participants usually do not play a major role. Hardly anyone backlinks them.

But that’s what the competition sponsors often do if you could win them.

Some websites where new competition can be reported are helpful and are also interesting. Not a very strong, but a simple backlink.

Case studies

Special insights are very popular with users. Anyone who reveals unique and interesting information in such case studies can also count on backlinks.

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You can get massive backlinks with a case study since lots of people would like to reference your case study either they support it or they want to criticize it.

Giving an award

If you already have a certain regular readership or a certain level of awareness in the niche, you could give awards once a year.

An SEO blog could give awards in the categories “Best SEO Software”, “Best SEO Articles” etc.

To get as many quality backlinks as possible, you should involve the readers and let them submit nominations in the first step and allow a vote on the winner in the second step.

Evaluation / Testimonial

Do you use current products or services? Then you should think about writing a review.

The companies are usually happy about the so-called testimonial and you can usually enter a URL there yourself.

Test / Quiz

Interactive elements are often very popular. A test or quiz is particularly popular and is often linked.

There are several WordPress plugins for this, but of course, you can also program something yourself.

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It is even better if the results are interesting (entertaining) that the participants are happy to share and link, businesspally boss advised.

Write about the latest news

You get a lot of attention with the latest news. If you write about something that is new or that moves the target group very much, the chances are very good that the article will be linked.

In addition, you should of course share these news articles on all your channels and possibly also register with Google News.


Surveys can bring a lot. Those who conduct surveys on interesting and exciting topics and evaluate the results often get some backlinks.

Of course, it helps a lot if you inform influencers in the niche both about the survey itself and about the evaluation.

Creating a web tool

It is a bit more complex to create your web tool. This could be an interactive advisor or a helpful tool like my AdSense calculator.

In any case, it should be something that your readers find exciting and like to link.