How to say thank you to clients after business deal

How to say Thank You to customers

Business owners spend a lot of time getting new customers and work towards strengthening their business relationships.

Findings have shown that it’s more difficult to win the heart of a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Therefore, developing different strategies to turn ordinary clients into loyal customers is very essential.

One of the ways to do that is by showing appreciation in different dimensions.

People love to be appreciated for their efforts, and your customers are not an exemption.

Reasons to thank your clients for their Business

Besides remembering your clients on special occasions such as birthdays, Mothers’ day, Fathers’ day, Christmas, New year, you should send appreciation notes from time to time.

Your customers usually get messages on these special days, and yours may not stand out.

You should send thank you note after people register for your workshop, webinar, online course, or subscribing to your service, either online or offline.

Thank you message makes your new customer to feel very special, and they will also develop confidence in your business.

Thank you message will also make them want to continue doing business with you, especially if your price is competitive and your customer support is incredible.

How to say thank you to clients after business deal

Tips for writing thank you note to your clients

Customer appreciation messages can now be easily automated with thank you note apps online.

You can even send thank you cards using Handwrytten tool, it’s easy to compose appreciation messages in a handwritten form as well.

The tool uses a custom-designed handwriting program that writes your note as you type in your chosen style. It will look like a real pen handwriting.

You can use the tool to send thank you note to your clients for selecting your service or their support, you can also send messages during the following events.


Sending Invitation letters to clients

Depending on the size of your business and your products, you can send invites to your customers during exclusive organized by your company.

It may be during the launching of a new product or service, product preview, AGM etc.

Inviting your customers to events organized by the companies makes them feel like ambassadors of the company and they will love to renew their interest in patronizing you.

Sending Thank you letters to customers

Sending your thanks to your customers after the event will even add more value to them.

You should also send thank you note after your customer purchase your products or renew their subscription.

Send thank-you note to new customers, after the company’s anniversary or during their birthday and other special events.

Thank you message template

Sending Tips as thank you Gift

You can thank your customers for their trust and loyalty by sending freebies. It could be in form of e-books, free course, free webinar.

This is more applicable to online business ventures where digital products and services are sold as merchandise.

However, giving away your intellectual property is not only fun, but it also helps your customer to make an informed decision, and that could help your customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

Offering A small gift can make a big difference

It is a well-known fact most people love gifts, and there’s nothing that is too small to be offered as a gift.

Like my lecturer used to say when I was in the University – A little care can make a big difference.

You need to strengthen the business relationship, therefore, giving gifts to your customers can go in a long way in making them want to patronize you

Making special offers

Coupons and discounts are also ways to say thank you to your existing customers, and as well invite new customers to your business.

You can publish coupon codes for shoppers to get discounts on their purchases.

You can also offer discounts during special events or festivities.

You should be creative with this time to maximize your potential.

For example, sporting wears can we heavily discounted during the Olympics or Football World cup.

Coupons and discounts can also be offered at the end of the year and the beginning of a new year irrespective of your company’s industry.

People shop mostly towards the end of the year and in the beginning of the year.



Personalizing your service is a way of making every customer important to your business.

Sending thank you notes for their patronage or support regularly is a way of telling each customer that you value him/her.

Don’t take your clients for granted, follow the above-mentioned tips to turn ordinary customers into your company’s ambassadors.