Importance of touch screens and drawbacks

Touch Screen Technology: Advantages & Disadvantages

Have you ever wondered how a simple swipe or tap completes a command on your smart mobile device? Today, touchscreen technology is everywhere, and its use in machines, especially smart mobile devices has become part of our daily lives. The application use or examples of touch screen technology are smartphones, ATMs, cameras, laptops, etc. Importance […]

What is Virtual Networking in Business

What is Digital Networking: Opportunities and Limits

Every internet user is engaged in digital networking since communication is via emerging technologies, the use of social media, apps, internet-driven tools, and others. While the traditional form of communication is good from different perspectives, digital networking had solved the distance barrier in communication and also helped in building vibrant communities, making relationships, working together, […]

How to protect personal information online

Dangers of Unsecure Network & How to Protect your Privacy

Networks can be physical networks or virtual networks. Physical networks are made up of hardware devices and networking protocols that allow nodes to communicate with each other. Virtual networks are created by connecting multiple physical network nodes using a virtual network bridge. What is Network Security? Network security is the process of protecting your computer […]

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Why You Should Care

What is Search Engine Optimization? A technique called search engine rankings (SEO) is used to improve a website’s visibility in organic search results. SEO involves various activities, the most common of which are content creation, keyword optimization, and link development. SEO is about enhancing a website’s position in the natural (non-paid) search results. Ranking high […]