Benefits of video marketing

Why you should use Video marketing to Promote Business

We learn better with audio-visual-based content than with text. From elementary school to high-grade learning, this is a known fact. In marketing, the same fact can be employed to get better attention of the target audience to our offers. Based on this fact, more big companies now focus on video marketing in their marketing strategy […]

How to get massive acklinks to your site

Tips to getting Massive Backlinks to your Website

Once you’ve developed your website, the next thing is to start promoting it online. Having said that, content marketing is now very competitive as we have millions of active websites more than ever before. To become relevant in your niche, you need to produce thousands of quality articles and backlinks. A backlink is still one […]

Text by thinking technology
Internet Tech

Advantages of Text by Thinking Technology

The development of technology has given people the ease to send text messages while traveling by using their smartphones. This is one of the latest advantages of text by thinking technology. Problems of Text communication It was a difficult thing to do in the past as it took a lot of time and effort to […]

difference between deep learning, machine learning and AI

Difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now the talk of the world in the tech industry. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest things that’s happening, and many tech products are now driven by AI. AI has some associated concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, IoT. Basically, AI boils down to two concepts that you’ve probably […]

How to host a virtual conference

How to Host a Virtual Conference: Steps to Take

Virtual Event The online conference is not new, and there are better platforms to host a virtual conference now. If organizing a meeting for a large number of people within a four-wall is difficult, you can host a virtual event successfully and even make it interactive like a physical office meeting. What is the best […]