Tips to improve conversion rate and increase sales

How to improve Conversion Rate and Online Sales

You have set up an online retail store, popularly known as e-commerce site, and the next you expect is to start making sales.

Many people believe they just have to build it and leave it, or at best, run digital marketing on blogs or through social media to increase sales.

There’s more to increasing conversion rate and online sales in your retail store.

Tips to improve conversion rate and increase sales

So how can you improve your conversion rate and increase your online sales?

Many eCommerce business owners are surprised when their online retail store is not growing, but they often do nothing about it and don’t know how to grow an e-commerce site.

For those who want to optimize their retail store and increase online sales, there are a few very simple ways to find out why the conversion rate is so bad for small businesses.

Some believe increasing online sales quickly means you’ve to cut back elsewhere. But you should try our tips to increase sales virtually first.


Don’t put many products on the Homepage

You won’t attract new customers to your online shop by putting many products on the homepage, easy navigation is important, and don’t cluster everything.

The few products you put on the homepage could be the ones with the biggest discount, they could be a special offer, a new service, a “product of the week”, most viewed, most purchased, or a seasonal product like during Christmas.

The less cluttered your homepage looks, the less you overwhelm your customers.

If your merchandise is well presented to your visitor, you would arouse their curiosity to know more about what you offer on your online store.

Tips to improve conversion rate and increase sales

Use catchy Product pictures

A picture speaks louder than text! I don’t have to reference any survey on the importance of clean and professionally made pictures in online sales, it’s what we all love to see.

A poor product picture will negate the beautifully crafted product description.

We’ll doubt the description immediately after we realize the picture is not clean, bold, and good to our eyes.

The more appealing the product photos, the more likely customers will want to read more about the product and make a purchase.

Therefore, you need to optimize your product photos and replace not soo good ones with better photos that meet today’s standards.

Try different fonts and text lengths

In SEO, on-page optimization is nothing to ever joked with.

Increasing conversion rate is basically about the on-page optimization of your online store.

You can target new customers to your store by running marketing on established blogs and social media, but increasing conversion is about making the site appealing to the customers.

You need to understand your target age group, gender, location, and others and optimize your site to fit their general interest.

For example, young people can see more clearly than old people, adjust your site’s font accordingly.

Also, try different fonts throughout the year, like every quarter of the year, and see your customers respond.

You can even ask for suggestions on your tweaks and your customers will suggest what’s better.

It’s good to be customers’ focused if you want to increase your revenue in any business.

Of course yes, you shouldn’t try out twelve fonts on one page, but gradually increase it by few points.

Even if someone stays on your website with no intention of buying, the right font or the right length of the text can mean that this person deals with your offer in more detail  and in the end, even buys something.

How to optimize your online store to make more money Infographic was created by Clover Network

Optimize your headings

Are your headlines based on standard SEO practices or are they worded anyhow?

How positively do you present your product or service with your headline?

Try different variants, because the wording in the headlines has a great influence on clicks.

  • Be active, and not passive
  • Use action words and beautiful adjective
  • Use a number when necessary


Optimize your content

How you present your products or services to your customers should be evaluated.

Your focus should be on the qualities of the merchandise, and the reasons they should buy the products and also buy from you.

You should not write a lot about yourself and less about the benefits your customers would get from buying your product or service

How trustworthy is your content? Improve the content quality, correct mistakes, optimize it, don’t use ambiguous terms, simplify technical terms, use a more active voice than passive, and overall, make it simple and organized.

The more appealing and less promotional your texts are, the more likely you will instill trust in your product or service.


Increase the incentive to buy with special offers

The competition never stops, and there are enough price comparison sites for customers to find where products are cheaper.

Do you always have time-bound specials? If not, make sure you have some. Or limit the number of products that are cheap at this point. Both increase the incentive to buy and can thus increase your online sales.

Increase buying incentives with pop-up offers

Many customers blocked pop-ups. However, some pop-ups are not blocked.

And if you use them very sparingly and only for a limited period (because they annoy a lot of people in the long run), they can have a great effect.

You can then use a good statistics tool to see whether a pop-up in your online shop has brought something or not.


Offer, but don’t force buyers

You can also “persuade” to buy with words. However, if you go overboard, you will put off a lot of customers.

Play with different variations, where the clear purchase notice is placed, in which font, font size, and color you present it, and with which words you advertise it exactly.

Revised categories, keyword search, and menu navigation

Are you sure that your products are correctly tagged and assigned to the correct categories? And can your customers easily get to the desired product classes via the menu navigation?

If not, check this completely and switch carefully now and then. Be careful with making changes often because customers don’t like such changes.


Offer a newsletter

Almost everyone now offers newsletters. And most of them are either jam-packed with advertisements.

Many customers subscribe to them, but sooner or later they will end up in the junk folder.

However, if they are done correctly and well, newsletters can keep customers for a long time.



Online businesses, including running eCommerce sites are now more competitive.

One thing is to employ digital marketing to target potential customers and drive them to your online retail shop. another is to persuade them to buy from you.

To increase conversion rate and online sales, you should try all the above-mentioned tweaks and see how customers patronize you better than before.